Knitters napsack
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Knitters Knapsack was started to fill a gap in the needle arts industry. We saw a need for a needle organizing kit that could hold all of your circular needles, tips, cables, dpns and all of your notions in the same place. It is a toolbox that can be taken with you or used at home just for storage of your needles and notions. It is stout, handsome and has a smart design. We liken it to the toolboxes used in the garage where one keeps all their hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc… We then decided to design a Project Bag. This bag in some ways has the same properties as the Toolbox in that it is a smart design, stout and handsome. It also has a classy look. It is a bag that does not collapse. It can hold your pattern, book, ipad, needles and notions and your project. The interior lining allows your yarn to slide easily while you knit or crochet. There are no zippers or velcro on which to snag your yarn. We use all of our products daily and have found them to be fabulously functional. All of our products are made in the USA by eqpd.

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