Knitters Knapsack
About Us


We are Carolee Addis and Susan Hamer and we are both knitters. Susan owns a very small yarn shop in rural Washington. She was trying to find a well designed needle organizer. She never found what she wanted so she and Carolee designed the Knitters Toolbox. The Knitters Toolbox is an easy way to store all of your needles and notions in one place and in a sharp looking Satchel. The Satchel was designed to fit the organizational inserts and notebook perfectly. We encountered the same situation when we began looking for a Project Bag. So we designed our own bag. Our Project Bag has space for your iPad, your pattern book, pockets for your needles and notions. The interior is lined with a vinyl and that allows for your yarn to slide easily without any zippers or velcro to snag your yarn. The exterior is a very stout charcoal colored industrial felt. We are very happy with the look and function of our products.

We have a small manufacturer in our town and so we are able to make our product locally. We are also able to make changes as required in order to make the best product possible. We have a high quality product that is made in Washington. Our manufacturer went to the Rhode Island school of Design and he has a wealth of knowledge in the field of design. All these things add up to beautiful, functional, high quality products.

We use both our Toolboxes and our Project Bags daily. We are thrilled with our products.